About DDW

Dairy Data Warehouse (DDW) is a spin off from Uniform Agri, a Dutch herd management software company.

We specialize in dairy farm data services for dairy farm consultants such as veterinarians, genetic consultants or feed advisers across the globe. Our headquarters and customer services, including our multilingual helpdesk are based in Assen, Netherlands.

We work closely with many subject matter experts and academic institutions such as the veterinary university of Gent in Belgium.

Our vision

To enable the dairy industry to unleash the power of BIG dairy data

We believe dairy data becomes most valuable when a broad range of continuously updated and different data sources are combined and enriched with BIG data driven algorithms.

We are passionate about the potential of BIG dairy data to transform modern dairy farming.

Three key problems that DDW addresses

We've looked at the three key problems faced by the dairy industry and addressed them with the DDW data warehouse and associated products.

Data access

Data quality

Access to farm data often necessitates manual data export from farm management software to the vet via USB stick or email. This process is cumbersome, time consuming and particularly on larger farm operations, the information is soon out of date.

Farm management advice relies on high quality, reliable farm data.  For the farm consultant it can be difficult to assess the quality of a farm data set. Advice based on inconsistent farm data can lead to wrong advice and action on farm.

The comparison between farms in a similar situation can be a powerful tool to trigger on-farm action. The comparability of farm data from farms using different data sources, however, is only possible using a diligent process of data transformation into a single, consistent and comparable format.

Data comparability