How our technology can help you

Firstly, we improve data collection – no need for e-mails or USB sticks; we just automatically transfer data daily from your herd management software to our cloud based platform.

Next, we improve data quality – by cleaning it of inaccuracies, inconsistencies and irrelevances; then our unique data conversion process amalgamates all collected data into a single DDW format.

This will ensure data comparability which, with the consent of other parties, will allow individual farm performances to be assessed against a variety of exceptionally accurate DDW benchmarks.

Extraction, transformation and loading

Extraction, transformation and loading is the basis upon which all DDW products are built.

Before raw dairy data can be stored in a data warehouse, it must be cleansed and transformed so it has consistent meaning. This transformation may involve redefining, filtering, combining, recalculating and summarizing data fields from different data sources.

DDW has developed a system specifically designed to collect, clean and standardize dairy data from multiple sources (such as farm management software) and numerous formats to make it simple for you to analyse and compare.

The DDW extraction, transformation and loading (ETL) engine is composed of 2 different parts – the upload tool, which extracts the data from the farm computer and migrates it to our server, and the converter, which validates, scrubs and transforms the data.

The DDW ETL engine is under the daily surveillance of a dedicated team. it is frequently updated due to constant database format changes from outside data sources, previously unknown data input errors and new scientific insights into dairy data handling.


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