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DDW is a small but growing company with lots of ideas to grow our business further, and with a good understanding that building quality software and following industry best practices is essential to keep that growth sustainable. So we’re always working on new services to add to our platform, and also always on the lookout to improve our use of technology while we do that. In other words: we’re very busy building new stuff, but we never avoid a critical discussion on the way we do things ‘because there’s no time to do it properly’.

There’s never a dull moment at DDW, too. So if you flourish in an environment where you can contribute significantly to multiple things that are going on at the same time, you’re gonna love working with us. If you’re looking for a quiet place where you can routinely tick off tasks on the auto pilot, DDW may not be the place for you.


  • The backend is running mostly on .NET Framework.NET Core or .NET 6 and written in C#, and a bit of Python.
  • We have databases in SQL ServerSQL Azure and Azure CosmosDB
  • We’re running all of it on Microsoft Azure, where the runtime ranges from traditional Virtual Machines to for example Azure Functions; technologies like Azure Data Factory and Azure DataBricks for data wrangling; Azure Service Bus or Event Hub for messaging; and Redis Cache for various caching strategies.
  • Our frontend (or most of it anyway) is built in React
  • We’re using Git (in Azure DevOps) for source control

This is not an exhaustive list, but it gives some idea of the type of technologies we typically use.

Who are we looking for?

Let’s get this out of the way: we believe that hiring a software developer shouldn’t be done by maximizing the number of boxes the applicant can check. Of course we’re hiring to strengthen the team’s capabilities, but we’re also willing to share our existing expertise with any new team member that doesn’t happen to know everything already. And that really works best with someone who fits in with the team on a professional as well as a personal level. So while we do hire to fill a specific gap in the team, we’re more interested in getting the conversation going than in knowing how many years you’ve worked with each of the items in our tech stack.

Current Job openings

Data Warehouse Developer

We are looking for someone to increase our capacity for Data Warehouse/BI development. Good SQL skills, as well as some experience with modern ETL technologies is therefore required to apply; experienced Azure Data Factory and/or Azure DataBricks developers have an advantage.

.NET/C# Developer

We are looking for a profile to increase our capacity for .NET/C# development. Previous experience as a C# developer is therefore required to apply, experienced Azure Platform developers have an advantage.

Apply now!

We’re not set on a specific seniority level. We’re happy to guide an eager junior developer to gain more experience and become better at what they’re passionate about, but we also have enough challenging work to get a seasoned lead developer or hands-on software architect excited.

For direct applications please send your motivation and resume to or ask for a phone call.

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