Data safety and privacy

We take the security of your data very seriously

With DDW, the data of your farm clients is in safe hands. We have numerous policies in place to make sure that it will continue to be stored safely and securely.

DDW works on the principle that the data provider (in most cases this will be the farm owner) remains the owner of the data. As a consequence, the owner exclusively decides whether DDW is allowed to transfer and store their farm data on the DDW dairy data platform and who has the right to view them. DDW will never display individual, non-anonymized farm data to anyone who has not been authorized by the farmer.

Data Upload Terms: The DUT contain in essence all the consents and approvals that are necessary from the farmer (or other provider of data, where the data is collected by the DDW software/tool), ie. consent to install the DDW software / application, extract herd data, and share herd data with those the farmer consents to, as well as to use (anonymously by DDW for its business purpose).

Terms of Use: This is accepted by users of DDW, ie vets, consultants, dealers etc., but not by data providers/farmers (unless the farmer is also a user). In the Terms of Use, there is a reference to “Access Rights”, which are the rights granted and commercial terms agreed.


Data Upload terms


Terms of Use - Consultants


Terms of use