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We have invented and fully automated an easy way for farmers to share their data with an advisor of their choice. Our support team is able to connect most farms remotely within 15 mins – 20 mins to the DDW platform.


Every day, when DDW receives a new upload from a dairy farm, it monitors and if necessary cleans the data, matches data from different sources on farm and maps free text entries such as health events so it can be used for further analysis.


Farmers remain forever owner of their data. DDW makes sure, that data gets only shared with a third party, that has been explicitly authorized by the farmer.


Once farm data has been uploaded to the cloud and cleaned, it can be used to produce artificial intelligence driven predictions and prescriptions.


Artificial intelligence has proven its value in many industries, but dairy has been lagging behind. Knowing what the future holds in stock is invaluable information to run a dairy farm sustainably and profitably.

Dairy Data Warehouse technology

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