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Below are the main take aways Federico shares after just 5 months of using Predicta GUARDIAN :

  • Placenta retentions were reduced by more than half 
  • Metritis was reduced from 20% to 10% - saving on antibiotics 
  • Better reproduction 
  • Better milk production from 42ltrs to 45ltrs/ cow/ day 
  • Ketosis with other diseases down from 27% to 6% 
  • Ketosis as only disease down from 7% down to 3%  
  • Reduced time for cow to get pregnant more than 20 days 
  • Almost 0.3 less inseminations per pregnancy

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The impact of transition cow disease

Did you know that most of the transition cow diseases go unnoticed affecting milk production and fertility? 

We can help you make Retained placenta, Milk fever, Ketosis and Displaced Abomasum a thing of the past by being your go to partner for your dry cow management decisions.

Predicta GUARDIAN, for farmers who don't wait till it's too late

Prevent disease before it happens!

Using your management software, Predicta GUARDIAN analyses the milk recording along with reproduction data from a cow’s previous lactation to determine dry cows at risk for transition disease(s).   

Alarms of these cows are sent to your Whatsapp 6-8 weeks prior to the disease onset. This is impossible to detect with standard blood, milk or urine testing.   

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