Farming dairy cows is a complex business. Tight margins as well as growing environmental concerns and regulation push farmers constantly to optimize profitability and sustainability of their dairy farm. We believe artificial intelligence is a powerful tool for farmers. It can do a lot of the heavy lifting when considering complex and important decisions such as: 

  • Foresightful milk production planning 
  • Select animals with the highest probability to fulfil their genetic potential in a given herd
  • Derive and implement optimum lactation length per herd and per animal 
  • Strategic herd inventory management 
  • Ensure the cow spots in your barn are filled with your most productive animals. 
  • Minimize excess youngstock raised on farm 
  • Preventive health management 
  • Increase animal productive lifetime and productivity through better health management and –prevention

DDW is your fasttrack to bring powerful AI tools to your dairy farm today!


Predicta is a fast and easy way for dairy farmers to get access to the latest artificial intelligence (AI) technology on farm. The good news is, that our AI tools work on most farms with the data that is available in the farm management software and are not dependent on buying additional hardware. Of course, it is also true, that the more data for example from sensors are present on farm and can flow into our models, the more precise our predictions will be. No need for you to wait any longer to benefit from modern AI technology. Take your future into your hands today!


Your animals always need to be looked after, and as they get more productive, they need ever more attention. If your herd, or any individual animal, is not performing as expected you need to know. If there are signs of acute disease, your goals for your farm could be in serious trouble.

Predicta GUARDIAN helps you keep an eye on things. Every day, Predicta GUARDIAN checks herd management software for unusual events and flags animals at risk. Predicta GUARDIAN can be configured to the right level of sensitivity for your herd. You can also choose to receive alarms via whatsapp, email or SMS. Yes, it’s that simple to let our AI solution help you protect your animals.


Predicta Visio (coming soon)

PREDICTA Visio represents a range of strategic herd management tools that accurately:

  • predict the future inventory of your herd
  • forecast future milk production for a period of up to 2 years for each animal as well as at herd level.

The more you know about what the future has in store, the better you can prepare for it! That’s especially true if there are problems ahead – you need to know what you can do to prevent issues as soon as possible. PREDICTA Visio gives dairy farmers an accurate view of the future today.

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