What is Optiherd?

Optiherd allows you to monitor all the farms you have enrolled in one simple fully comparable data set. You no longer need to individually check each farm to see if KPIs are being met and if farms have problems that need to be looked at. Simply log in to Optiherd and track everything in a matter of minutes.  

The function of the dashboard is to easily show which herds need attention because KPI targets that you set are not being met. The platform gives you a huge advantage as it saves you a lot of time which is our most valuable resource.

Key Benefits & Features

Key Benefits & Features

  • Alerts for individual herds  
  • Quickly see herds that need attention 
  • User – friendly interface 
  • Set different KPIs goals – by business / consultant 
  • Customize KPIs by Herd 
  • Customizable access. Only consultants see their own herds  
  • Compatible with most herd management software 
  • Detailed reporting can be printed or data can be downloaded in to excel 

The Optiherd dashboard

Optiherd dashboard

Who can benefit from using Optiherd

  • Vets 
  • Nutritionists 
  • Advisors 
  • Consultants – feeding, genetics, pharmaceutical, equipment companies 
  • Self-employed with few herds 
  • Larger consultants working for big firms having numerous herds  

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